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Duration: 3 hours |
 Location: Kapaa |
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Save: $5.00

Enjoy Chocolate From Branch to Bar Kauai’s own Chocolate Tour

Take an educational Kauai Chocolate Tour of everything there is to know about chocolate! Including growing cacao trees, harvesting and curing cacao beans all the way to the finished product everyone loves.

Hawaii is the only state where the chocolate tree grows, the best place to experience a live chocolate tree orchard is the Lydgate family’s eight-acre Steelgrass Farm. This tour is family friendly welcoming children 5 years and older. With so much to see, smell, learn and taste the Farm’s wide-open spaces make this a wonderful event for all ages.

The first part of this three-hour guided tour is especially fun for fruit and flower lovers you will stroll through the Steelgrass Farm gardens stopping frequently to taste the tropical fruits that are in season. Depending on the month these may include Tahitian lime, Hawaiian sugar cane, lilikoi, rambutan, longan, lychee, soursop, sapodilla, eggfruit, ka’u orange, watermelon radish, mountain apple and others. You’ll also taste the Farm’s award-winning Palm Blossom Honey, see vanilla beans growing on the vine, plus dozens of exotic tropical plants such as rare red sealing-wax palms and black bamboo. Kauai Chocolate Tour

After the main fruit tasting you’ll reach the chocolate orchard and here you get to taste one more fresh fruit, in season, your guide will cut open a ripe chocolate pod and pass it around for everyone to sample. Then move through sugarcane and pineapple plantings into a chocolate tasting tent where you sit comfortably in the shade while you learn the many steps involved in processing raw cacao.  As you may know, dark chocolate is actually health food, your guides will explain its antioxidant and other health benefits as well as outline how you can make chocolate from scratch in your home kitchen.

Tour Times:  Monday – Friday Check In 8:45am

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Duration: 3 hours | Location: Kapaa

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