Jack Harter “Doors Off” Helicopter

Duration: 60 Minutes |
 Location: Lihue Heliport
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If you would like to add a little more excitement to your Kauai helicopter tour, check out our Jack Harter Doors Off Helicopter Tour in their Hughes 500. The Hughes 500 can hold 4 passengers in addition to the pilot and adds a even more thrill without doors. Envision yourself flying over the tree tops with the wind in your hair. Soaring through jungle valleys and flying inside ancient canyons. Photographers especially love flying without doors as there is no window glare to deal with.

Kauai’s Most Exciting Helicopter Tour

The island tours flown in the Hughes 500 are different from any of the others. Removing the doors from the helicopter can often make the flights feel more thrilling than those flown in a helicopter with doors. You should bring a jacket or sweater, wear long pants and footwear that won’t fly out the door while touring. We do not recommend wearing the rubbah slippahs.

Take a look at this amazing video of this, “No Doors” helicopter tour over Kauai and you can see why it’s so exciting. You’ll also notice the quality of the shots you can get without windows in your way. For the adventurous!

Exclusive “Doors Off” Tour

This hour long tour is the perfect introduction to all of the Garden Isle’s natural wonders. Providing ample time for the pilot to show you Kauai’s most popular and most magical sites, rotating the aircraft to give you 360 degree views. Any tour less than an hour long will leave you begging for more time in the air. Do not forget. On this heli-tour, you will be flying with NO doors! We promise that this is an exhilarating way to see the island, but if you are unsure about having the doors off, we have many other options to choose from.

Here are the tour highlights: Hanapepe Valley and Manawaiopuna Falls, Olokele Canyon, Waimea Canyon, the spectacular Napali Coast, the North Shore, Hanalei Valley, Mt. Waialeale’s Crater, and Wailua Falls.

Additional Information :

  •  No children under the age of 10 (no lap riders)
  • Any party with a person 150 pounds or less might be in the front center seat and that seat is NOT AT A DOOR OPENING. The view from the front middle seat is great, you see everything in front of the helicopter (like the pilot flying the helicopter) and can look out both open sides. 

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Duration: 60 Minutes | Location: Lihue Heliport

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Reviews, Comments, & Questions:

Linda Thorburn

I live in Scotland but interested in booking a trip for my son and his new wife when they visit Kauai later this month – how busy are the tours – should we book before they travel ? Looking for some advice.


Aloha Linda! Yes be sure to book this tour before they arrive. Space is very limited and being summertime the island is busy all tours will sell out. Do not hesitate to ask any other questions you may have along the way.

Katharine Gravelle

I’ve take Jack Harter’s DOORS OFF tours twice before and am booked for another this March, 2020. I cannot recommends it highly enough!! It’s exciting and the very best way to experience the incredible scenery. (OK, I’ll admit to a couple minutes of sheer terror the first time we banked to the right and I was looking straight down at the ground far below! But after that, I LOVED IT!!)

Make your reservations as soon as you have hotel and flights confirmed!!

Mahalo for the awesome feedback Katharine! We look forward to your arrival this March!

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