Holo Holo Charters Napali Sunset Cruise

Duration: 3.5 hrs Location: Port Allen More Niihau & Napali Coast Tours
Holo Holo Charters Napali Sunset Cruise

Holo Holo Charters Napali Dinner Cruise On Kauai's Fastest Catamaran!

Your camera will be doing all the work while you simply relax and take in all that Kauai has to offer on the Napali Dinner Cruise.

Upon leaving the Port Allen Harbor we’ll make our way along the historic western coast of Kauai. The crew will talk story about Captain Cook’s adventures on the Garden Island, the rise and fall of the sugar cane industry, and regale you with tales of the industrious Menehune.  That is before you even arrive on the Napali Coast! Once there you will be in awe of the sheer majesty of her steep cliffs and depth of her verdant valleys where Hawaiian civilizations once thrived. You’ll search for whales (in season), dolphins, turtles, seals and other sea life.

  • Starting 2024 $1 Per Person Ocean Stewardship Fee: State mandated & will be added to your voucher:https://dlnr.hawaii.gov/dar/files/2023/09/Ocean_Stewardship_User_Fee_rev.pdf

Activity Details

Dinner Includes:


Meat Cheese + Cracker Platter (Turkey, Ham, Salami, Cheddar, Pepper jack/Swiss + Assorted
Veggie Crudité (Celery, Tomatoes, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots, Cucumbers, Peppers,
Olives) Vegan/GF
Ranch (Ranch Mix, Sour Cream, Mayo, Lemon Juice) Vegetarian
Roasted Red Pepper Hummus (Garbanzo Beans, Red Bell Pepper, Garlic, Lemon Juice, Sesame
Seeds, Cumin, Salt, Pepper, Olive Oil) Vegan/GF


Fresh Pineapple (Mint Leaves) Vegan/GF
Somen Salad (Angel Hair, Lettuce, Edamame, Carrots, Cucumber) Vegetarian
Somen Sauce (Rice Vinegar, GF Soy Sauce, Sugar, Sesame Oil, Sesame Seeds, Salt) Vegan/GF
Local Garden Greens (Mixed Greens, Sprouts, Carrots, Peppers, Mushrooms) Vegan/GF
Lemon Herb Vinaigrette (Olive Oil, White Wine Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Garlic, Agave,
Oregano, Salt + Pepper, Crushed Red Pepper, Garlic Salt) GF
Hapa Rice (White + Brown Rice) Vegan/GF
Teriyaki Chicken (GF Soy Sauce, Sugar, Mirin, Honey, Ginger, Green Onion) GF
Kalua + Cabbage (Pork Butt, Liquid Smoke, Cabbage, Salt + Pepper) GF
Oven Roasted Tofu & Veggies (Tofu, Vegetables, Seasoning, Teriyaki Drizzle) Vegan/GF


Kauai Coffee Coconut Caramel Crunch Brownie Bites (Brownie Mix, Oil, Coffee, Eggs, Powdered
Sugar) Vegetarian


Water, Island Juices & Soft Drinks

Island Spritzer (Passion Orange, Guava, Pineapple) V/GF

Beer, Wine, Koloa Rum Ginger Mai Tai & Sunset Champagne Toast

Tour Information:

  • Length of tour 3.5 hours
  • Tour time 3pm (varies by season your voucher will have exact check in time)
  • Full payment due at the time of reservation

Tour Restrictions:

  • Children must be at least 6 years or older
  • Not recommended for people back problems or recent surgeries
  • Not recommended for people who suffer from sever motion sickness
  • No expectant mothers

About “Holo Holo”:

A 65’ Catamaran powered by twin 430HP diesel engines. Designed for speed & comfort, we’ll get you to the beautiful sights of the Napali faster & smoother. Holo Holo’s design is wide enough to eliminate any long side-to-side rolling motion and the hulls are narrow to slice easily through the water, resulting in a smooth ride. She can carry 65, but kept to 49 or less, which means more room to sight-see, snorkel, relax and enjoy all that Kauai’s Napali coast has to offer.

Please Note

  • 72 hour notice of cancellation is required for a refund.
  • There are no timeshare visits required to enjoy our discounts!
  • Call 1-866-897-1637 for additional discounts available for large groups!

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Reg: $210.00
Save: $15.00
Child (5yrs-12yrs)
Reg: $190.00
Save: $15.00
Duration: 3.5 hrs Location: Port Allen
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Reviews, Comments, & Questions:

  1. Shayne says:

    We are coming to Kauai on June 15th and were interested in taking this cruise but we saw that the departure times vary and we were wondering if there was a time we would leave with it being June or would it leave at 2 pm still?
    Thank you!

    1. Kaya— Kauai Activity Specialist says:

      Aloha Shayne! Check in right now for this tour is at 2:30pm. This should be the same throughout June. Call me toll free to secure your seats at 1-866-897-1637, summer is busy and tours are selling out fast!

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