90 Minute Kauai Helicopter Tour

Duration: 90-95 Minutes Location: Lihue Heliport More Air Tours

90 Minute Kauai Helicopter Tour

This is a photographer’s dream! This flight is flown at slower speeds and explores deeper into Kauai’s valleys and canyons.  This is the longest helicopter tour on Kauai &  is offered in the A-Stars only. This unique 90 minute Kauai helicopter tour enables the pilot to turn the helicopter more often, setting up fantastic photographic opportunities.

Equipped with two-way intercom systems, allowing the pilot to easily converse with their passengers. There are no prerecorded narratives during the flights. Passengers are encouraged to pick up the microphone and talk with their pilot during the flight. This interaction gives the pilots some insight into their passengers’ interests and allows the narration to be tailored to each group.

Activity Details


  • Wear dark-colored clothing to reduce reflective glare
  • Bring your camera & small personal bag if needed
  • Large bags and items will not be allowed in the helicopter


Jack brought his first helicopter to Kauai back in 1962. His dream was to start his own helicopter business on the island offering tours, charters, and utility services. Jack Harter Helicopters has been in business on Kauai for the past 50+ years, maintaining its status as the original helicopter tour company on the island.


Weight and balance of the helicopter are crucial please give accurate body weights at the time of reservation.  The weight limit is 250 pounds per person and 400 pounds per couple. Please call with any questions or concerns.

Please Note

  • 72 hour notice of cancellation is required for a refund.
  • There are no timeshare visits required to enjoy our discounts!
  • Call 1-866-897-1637 for additional discounts available for large groups!

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Duration: 90-95 Minutes Location: Lihue Heliport
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Reviews, Comments, & Questions:

  1. Hannah says:


    I am interested in doing a long Kauai helicopter trip as it’s the only reason I’m going to Kauai!

    So I have a few questions:

    What are the various times the flight leaves?
    Is there anywhere I can safely leave a suitcase while I’m away on my flight?

    Could you be more specific about what the 90 min flight will show us?



    1. Kaya— Kauai Activity Specialist says:

      Aloha Hannah! Wonderful! Kauai is the most beautiful of all the islands from the air! Waimea Canyon, Mt. Waialeale, Napali Coast sea cliffs and tons of waterfalls! Taking the 90 minute gives the pilot much more time to hover and turn the aircraft giving you many more photo opportunities and time to really enjoy the breathtaking beauty. Tours start as early as 9:45 am and as late as 2:00 pm. These are limited being the only company offering this long of a Helicopter tour. You may leave your suit case in the check in office until you return from your flight.

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