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For Honeymooners & Couple Celebrations

Hawaii airport lei greetings are a spectacular way to start off your Hawaiian vacation! All you need to place your order is the arriving flight information and the names of the recipient along with any message you may want to add so that we can personalize the welcome sign.

Leis come in a variety of options. Fresh flowers on our orchid & tuberose & cigar leis, kukui nuts & ti leafs. Review the options below and do not hesitate to call & let us help you choose the best lei for your occasion.

Local Honeymoon Special Deluxe Tuberose & Cigar Leis

Double strand arrangement with vibrant purple orchidsand sweet island tuberose flowers paired with the fragrance-free tubular cigar flower blossoms with colors of orange-red to yellow-orange

~The Cigar Lei is a popular lei for men, made with 2,000 tiny orange-red to yellow-orange tubular blossoms that resemble miniature lit cigars, tipped with white ash.

Classic Orchid Honeymoon Special

A pair single strand of vibrant purple orchid leis.

Deluxe Orchid Honeymoon Special

A pair of our most lavish leis with three times the amount of vibrant purple orchids.

Fragrant Tuberose & Orchids Honeymoon Special

A pair of single strand arrangement with vibrant purple orchids and the sweet aroma of island tuberose flowers.

Deluxe Orchid Lei & Deluxe Ti Leaf Lei Honeymoon Special

A lavish triple strand of vibrant purple orchids paired with a matching ti leaf braid & purple orchid twist.

Makahiki Classic Orchid Lei & Kukui Nut Lei Honeymoon Special

A single strand of vibrant purple orchids paired with a single strand of the polished kukui nuts.


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  • name of recipients

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