Hanalei Walking Kauai Food Tour

Duration: 2.5 Hours |
 Location: Hanalei |
 Save: $9.00
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Save: $9.00

Explore Famous Hanalei Town On Foot!

This exciting and delicious walking tour will let you become part of Kauai’s beautiful community when you meet the chefs, business owners, and locals.

Join our Hanalei Town walking tour for a fun day exploring the area on foot. We are excited to share the history of the town, the culture of Kauai, and the modern cuisines that are continuing to shape the people and the place today. Hanalei has survived natural disasters and the community has become on of the most resilient in Hawai’i.

Since our tours are seasonal and based on fresh ingredients and availability, each experience is new in terms of what you get to taste and who you meet. You can count on a full afternoon of eating well and exploring what’s fresh and seasonal in Hanalei.

Tour Notes to Consider:

  • Tastings and stops vary with seasons and availability
  • Transportation is not provided
  • Most dietary requests can be accommodated with advance notice
  • Tours run rain or shine
  • Sundays / Advance reservations required

All Tours:

  • A great way to learn about local purveyors and chefs
  • A fun way to sample a variety of local foods
  • Introduce you to some of Kauai’s best chefs, farmers and restaurant owners
  • The best way to start a trip for an introduction to local cuisine
  • Include a variety of stops with different foods to taste and enjoy


Introducing Farm 2 Keiki

Cooking, Gardening and Nutrition with Children.

This book makes it easy to teach keiki gardening, nutrition and cooking with fresh, Hawai’i grown foods.

Learn to Teach Children: Healthy Cooking, To Eat Farm to Table, How to Grow a Garden & Hawaii’s Cultures/Plants

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Recommended age group: 3 – 9 years old

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Duration: 2.5 Hours | Location: Hanalei

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Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. :: The Current Kauai Time is: 1:00 PM
PLEASE NOTE: 72 hour notice of cancellation is required for a refund.
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