Aloha Kai Scuba Shore Dives

Duration: 2-2.5 hours |
 Location: Island Wide |
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Save: $7.38

Shore Dives:

Kauai has some of the best shore diving in the world. Many guests get a funny look on their face when you say shore dive. Not only are there NO long swims to “start diving” (don’t forget we are on top of a volcano and it can get deep very quickly), almost all of the shore diving sites are easy entry / exit but have very clear water and abundant sea life as well.  These tours include ALL of the equipment needed for the activity, professional guide, snacks and drinks.

Certified divers explore the wonders and beauty of the sea under the supervision of a dive professional. All guests must complete liability waivers. Divers will possibly encounter sharks, rays, turtles, eels, and other various marine life!

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KOLOA LANDING ~ Hoonani Road, Koloa

The most popular shore dive on Kauai. Many turtles glide over the shallow slopes of this site. Farther out, there is an abundance of tropical reef fish, assorted eels and rays, small harmless sharks, and even humpback whales during the winter months. This one dive site offers exactly what any diver is looking for. 30-70 feet. Difficulty: Easy to Advanced

AHUKINI LANDING ~ End of Ahukini Road

This site is just past the Lihue Airport. This dive site is particularly good during kona winds. The inside is an old harbor with a smooth muddy bottom loaded with beautiful Hawaiian rays. Dolphins often frequent this bay. A good dive site that is close and easily accessible for beginners. 20-100+ feet. Difficulty: Easy to Advanced  

TUNNELS BEACH ~ Haena, Highway 560

There are over 30 separate tunnels commonly explored, and an untold number yet to be found. White-tip reef sharks, dolphins, turtles, and plenty of tropical fish are found on the outer reef. This beautiful dive site is accessible year round, but fantastic in calm summer surf. 35-70 feet. Difficulty: Advanced

NIGHT DIVES ~ Poipu, South Side
Divers explore the wonders and beauty of the sea under the supervision of a dive professional – 2 Tank only. Encounter sharks, rays, turtles, eels, and a variety of marine life!

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Duration: 2-2.5 hours | Location: Island Wide

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