Tropical Biplane Tours

Duration: 70 minutes |
 Location: Lihue Airport |
 Save: $40.00
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$485 for two
Save: $40.00

Prices on this activity are per couple. Step back in time and experience the  adventure of open-cockpit flying. Where every flight is considered a personal charter, in which the pilots fly where you want to fly.

An open cockpit ride in a three-seat biplane would be an adventure anywhere. On Kauai, it’s a scenic extravaganza.This WACO Biplane is built to emulate the Bi-wing aircraft of the 1930’s and 40’s, with several hand crafted and state-of-the-art modifications, providing added safety and comfort. The result is a safe, modern, and exquisitely beautiful aircraft, made specifically for the pleasure of the pilot and passengers.

Passengers will be supplied with nostalgic cloth helmets, goggles and headsets when they board the red, white and blue biplane, which holds two passengers and a pilot. This seating arrangement is unique only to Waco biplanes.


Prices on this activity are PER COUPLE

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  at $485.00 | Reg: $525.00 | Save: $40.00 | (tax inc.)
Duration: 70 minutes | Location: Lihue Airport

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Lisa Ebersole

My husband and I are not “small” people. What is the weight limit.

Thank you,

Aloha Lisa, The combined weight limit for the Bi Plane tour is 450lbs. Call me toll free at 1-866-897-1637 I can go over all of the air tours and weight limits with you to find the right tour. Mahalo!

Aloha Lisa! For the Tropical Bi Plane the combined weight limit is 450lbs. Feel free to call me toll free at 1-866-897-1637 I will help you find the right air tour for you guys. Mahalo!


We are comming to Hawaii in July 2011 for a trip from Sydney, Australia. We are staying in Waikiki however I would love to come to Kauai for a day and fly over that unbelievable coast line and see the waterfalls etc.
What would you recommend for us. My wife is a bit hesitant as she hates feeling cold. Is this a problem with the open cockpit? As we would be there for the day I would appreciate any suggestions you have for other activities we should do.
We are looking at comming over to Kauai on July 24th or 25th 2011.
I look forward to hearing from you as I think this would be a unique way to see Kauai.
Thank You

Aloha. The Tropical Biplane is wonderful. Of course, it is cooler as it is open cockpit but dressing appropriately you would be fine. Other options could be one of the helicopter choices. One stops at the Jurassic Park Waterfall and you get out and witness it up close .. incredible!! If you have time, you could do one of the exciting ziplines or maybe even take one of the catamaran trips up the NaPali Coast which is 17 miles of coastline that Kauai is known for..truly breathtaking.
Feel free to call our toll free 1-866-897-1637. We are here on Kauai and our hours are 7:30am to 4:30pm Hawaiian Standard Time.

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