Learn To Stand Up Paddle In Kauai

So, you have been hearing about this fun new sport called SUP, or stand up paddle board, and you are thinking that you should give it a try during your vacation on Kauai? We couldn’t agree more.

If you want to catch some waves on a stand up paddle board, but you have never tried it, we recommend signing up for our SUP adventure to get a feel for the SUP board and get a little confidence before going out in the surf. The first time you hop on a SUP board, you want to be on flat water or on a calm ocean. You do not want to be trying to get your balance with waves crashing or a rough ocean kicking up around you. That is a sure way to get discouraged and not get a chance to feel the stoke that comes from riding down your first wave.

Our Stand Up Paddle lesson at Poipu Beach. Poipu beach is on the sunnier South side and offers open ocean but with protection from the crashing waves. It’s the perfect condition to feel the ocean without getting knocked off the board by heavy surf. There is also a good chance you will see Honu (turtles) swimming or seals sun bathing on the beach. Our experienced instructors will get your sorted with a SUP board and paddle, show you how and where to stand on your board, how to paddle out into the surf , turn, stop and grab waves when you are ready. This lesson is a combination SURF and SUP lesson. You will go out on traditional soft top surfboards without a paddle and the instructors will show you how to do the all-important “pop up” on the board, get in the surfers stance and rip some waves. Or, at least, stand up and get your first wave in Hawaii!

Watch Uncle Barry in this video and see how much fun you can have on a SUP board even when the waves are not perfect. That’s the beauty of SUP surfing. More bang for your buck!