Outfittters Kauai Waimea Canyon Bicycle Downhill

Duration: 3 hours |
 Location: Departs from Poipu |
 Save: $11.00
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Save: $11.00

The Only Waimea Canyon Kauai Bicycle Tour!

This fun and exciting Kauai bicycle tour is a cruise through Koke’e State Park and Waimea Canyon State Park. You’ll be riding from the rim of the famed Waimea Canyon (elev. 3600′) down 12 miles of smooth winding blacktop all the way to the shore of the blue Pacific. It’s 100% downhill, and 100% fun!

Do the early bird Kauai bicycle tour: you can coast at the crack of dawn, or, cruise it at the end of the day. Early birds will be blessed with soft low angled light that draws out the colors of the canyon-spectacular! You won’t be snoozin’-you’ll be cruisin’!  Also enjoy fresh-brewed Kauai Coffee and blueberry muffins hot out of the oven on the ride up the canyon on the early bird ride.

Kauai Bike Tours

If you’re not into the early bird thing, try the late afternoon Kauai bike tour- you’ll still enjoy the same low angled light for accentuation of the canyon’s rugged terrain, only from the west rather than the east. Shadows and colors jump out with soft, brilliant greens, reds and purple highlights- it’s amazing! In addition, the forbidden Island of Niihau is visible off to the west. Cold soft drinks, spring water and Kauai Cookies will be served along the way.


Comfortable helmets and safe operating procedures make for a ride that’s safe and controlled, but still fun and exciting. You’ll be riding through one of the most beautiful and interesting places on the planet, so of course, you’ll stop along the way for photos and narrative on history, culture, folklore and legends. Tour guides will identify native plants, birds and trees. You’ll be able to quiz your guides about the best Kauai hiking trails located in Koke’e State Park and Waimea Canyon State Park while you’re in the area. As well as having a fun ride in a beautiful place you’ll learn about what makes Kauai special!

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Duration: 3 hours | Location: Departs from Poipu

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Reviews, Comments, & Questions:

Nancy B

We LOVED the downhill bike ride in Waimea Canyon. The Outfitters crew kept us entertained and informed. The views were beautiful. Thanks for such a great experience.

Aloha Nancy! Yes this tour is awesome! I am happy to hear you had such a great time, we look forward to your return!

Dirk S

Is there a weight limit for this tour? Can pregnant people participate?

Aloha Dirk! Yes the weight limit for the Down Hill Bike Ride is 275lbs. They do not have a policy saying pregnant women can not go on this tour. However you want to be in contact with you doctor about the tour and what it involves. Also Keep in mind it is downhill and you do not want to fall and hurt yourself. It is not recommended for pregnant women unless you are an experienced rider, and have the ok from your doctor to do this tour. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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