NEW Kauai Zip Bike Tour

Duration: 1 Hour |
 Location: Koloa |
 Save: $5.00
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Save: $5.00


Each person is harnessed in with the bike. Ride 700ft across the water to a platform – then 700ft back to the launching platform. It’s not over yet. Then get strapped in to the “Leap Of Faith” and jump off the platform to be lowered to the ground. This is a true butterfly moment.

This is a very unique adventure bringing you up to the sky and over the water on a flying bicycle zipline. Adventure on your own, or race a friend on this triple line bike track. Enjoy views of the Waita Reservoir as you peddle over the water and take the “Leap of Faith” rappel to the ground when you’re finished.

Tour Highlights:

This is the ONLY zip bike in the USA. Located on a beautiful property of 22,000 acres on the south shore of Kauai in the historic town of Koloa.  ALL NEW ZIP BIKE takes you over the Waita Reservoir which is 545 acres of fresh water surrounded by beautiful lush green mountains.

 1400ft of Line, 30ft in the Air

Ride a bicycle across the water and back just like in the circus! 3 separate lines where you can race your friends & family.

Tour Info

  • Must wear sturdy closed toe shoes.
  • Pants or long shorts are recommended.
  • Long hair should be pulled up.
  • Sunscreen and bug spray are also recommended.

Health Considerations

  • This tour is not suited for people with back, neck, knee injuries
  • Not for those who may be pregnant.
  • Not for those who have had surgery in the last 4 months.

Age Restrictions

We welcome guests ages 7 and up!

Tour Times 

Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9:00am, 11:00am & 1:00pm

Make Online Reservations (Select Quantities):

  at $90.00 | Reg: $95.00 | Save: $5.00
  at $90.00 | Reg: $95.00 | Save: $5.00
Duration: 1 Hour | Location: Koloa

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PLEASE NOTE: 72 hour notice of cancellation is required for a refund.
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